Monday, October 29, 2012

Plenty of blogging time, thanks to Hurricane Sandy :(

CNN gives the overall picture here.

NY1 gives the local picture here.

The subways, buses, and commuter trains in New York and the surrounding areas have been shut down, so we're not going anywhere anytime soon.  We (and half the neighborhood) stocked up on food yesterday, and, since we're not in an evacuation zone, we're hunkered down in our apartment, waiting it out.  We're neither on a low-enough floor to need to worry about flooding, nor on a high-enough floor to need to worry about high winds, so we consider ourselves pretty lucky.  Our son's called a couple to make sure we're fine, and we are.  I'm more concerned about my uncle, who lives in South Jersey, probably close to where the storm is expected to make landfall, and my sister, who called to say that she's counting on help from a local senior center that has since been closed.  Aside from possibly losing electricity and dealing with plenty of downed tree limbs, we expect to be fine.  We hope that all those more directly in the storm's path remain safe.


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